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Throughout history, amulets have been created in ancient cultures and today to capture particular qualities such as protection and healing or attract a specific purpose such as love, strength, fertility, or abundance. The materiality of the amulets is not as important as the energy used to create them: anything can become an amulet if it is imbued with a specific intention.

The 8M Female Empowerment Amulets are a series of unique pieces handcrafted in my workshop in Bilbao Flashera Lab.

As with every jewel I make, these pieces were made with lots of love and with the mission of connecting all women through distance and time and empowering us both as individuals and collectively. May our voices rise higher and higher from the depths of our guts! The Future is Female, and You Are Not Alone!

During MARCH 2023 fifty percent of the profits collected will be donated to the Feminist Association Gafas Moradas de Bilbao to contribute to their hard work in the fight against gender violence. 
Would you like to own one of these Amulets? Or maybe you want to offer this piece to someone you love?  If you are not based in Bilbao, I will send it to you by mail. 

The price for each piece is € 25 (shipping not included).
Shipping costs in Europe are €7.- 
You can read more about the projects the Gafas Moradas Association is involved in by clicking this link. 

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