Flashera is a feminine qualifying adjective for Argentinian slang that refers to an unusual object, to being surprised to the utmost degree, to imagining something extraordinary.

At Flashera Lab we embrace this word to define our way of working.

Imagination is one more ingredient in the technical specifications of the objects we create.

We approach the creative process from a playful methodology, transforming the materials with the magic that our hands possess.

What is Flashera Lab?

Flashera Lab is my studio in Bilbao where I develop my work in Contemporary Jewellery.

Also, Flashera Lab is a space for curious minds to learn techniques and ways to approach Contemporary Jewellery design.

It is a laboratory that invites you to carry out projects and is open for collaborations and exchange between creatives. For this reason, its doors are open to those who want to learn by working, exploring, playing, imagining and discovering.


Viar Juan Kalea s/n, 48004 Bilbao, Bizkaia, ES

@flashera_lab by @eva_burton

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