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2016- Unique pieces. Jewellery piece and Vase.

PH credits: Wang Qi


"Caramelera" is a vase made out of hand-carved rose quartz with an amethyst top. 

I created this piece applying the traditional gemstone carving techniques, which I learnt under the guidance of the Schleifer Meister Axel Petry, during a year of internship at his Gemstone Cutting Workshop in Bruchweiler, Germany. 

Smooth as a baby's skin, the quartz has been polished hours and hours until the shiny appearance would reveal its inner structure. "Caramelera" is not a simple jar, it has a ritualistic nature and it has been conceived as a treasure that would keep a treasure. Mistery, magic and mystic power are braided together in this one-of-a-kind vase.

Metaphorically, as it names refers to a jar to store candies, a necklace entitled "Stone Candies" is kept inside. Twenty pieces of carefully selected gemstones were hand-carved to evoke flavours and spice-up the wearer's neck with a tasty touch. Interconnected by 18 kt gold plated silver rings, each gemstone has been hand carved emulating a candy look, with a reminiscence of classical architecture ornaments: columns, balustrades, rosettes, glyphs and other shapes could be identified along with the piece: A wink to the pop culture and the classic legacy.

Caramelera & Stone Candies
Stone Candies
Stone Candies
Caramelera & Stone Candies
Caramelera & Stone Candies


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