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2013/14 - Unique Jewellery Pieces

Ph: Manu Ocaña, Julieta Ansalas & Coca Tasso


The word “Petium” comes from Latin meaning “a piece of something broken or a fragment found after a shipwreck ". This definition gives way to a parallelism between two images/scenes: 

By one side, on the shore of the sea, the rests of a shipwreck are revealed by the water. The tide acting as a transformation engine, cleaning, drawing from the deep what had been lost, forgotten. 

On the other hand, my reality: the vortex of the city, the excessive consumerism of humankind, a tornado of discard that spits out the remains of society. Which is my mission? To collect these drags as treasures, like shells on the shore. And then transform them, give them a second chance, a new life, reuse what someone considered worthless and leave in it a trace of myself. 

My pieces are like a conjunction that combines various elements, coming from diverse harbours and corners. They are collages, assemblages. A conglomeration is created where this multiplicity has a relation and it is the conjunction of the elements that defines a whole, through which I intend to reflect my own world. 


On words of curator Nichka Marobin from The Morning Bark:

The well tempered disorder: There is always a joie de vivre in Eva Burton's creations, mixed with a skillful, organized technique and sense of composition (…) June, 2015.

Lollypop Castle
Lollypop Castle - Front & Back
Merienda de regalices junto a un pedestal
Allegro Molto Appassionato - Front & Back
Merienda de regalices junto a un pedestal - Front & Back
Allegro Molto Appassionato
Papallona Pop - Front & Back
Bouquet for Countess Magenta - Front & Back
Bouquet for Countess Magenta
Papallona Pop
Bacon Twist
Bacon Twist
Morning after party - Front & Backcouple_necklace_morning after
Fábrica abandonada
Morning after party
Amanecer en la terraza
Moonlight on the terrace
Moonlight on the terrace
Amanecer en la terraza
Yellow caprice in the garden
Rocket Candy landing on the balcony
Rocket Candy landing on the balcony - Front & Back
Popsicle Archivolts
Popsicle Archivolts
Sugar Rossette
Lemon Balaustrade
Lemon Balaustrade
Sugar Rossette
Ganesha Pop
Rocket Piano
Ganesha Pop - Front & Back
Doric Lollipops
Rocket Piano - Front & Back
Drifting Chair - Front & Back
Eva Burton_brooch_sailing chair_m2
Doric Lollipops
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