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2021- Jewellery Capsule Collection

Pigments Of The Imagination


When a raindrop meets a ray of sunlight, the purest and most spontaneous expression of color occurs. Chromotopia is that place where you can protect yourself from the storm, where color spills, wrapping up everything: the surface and the light.

Chromotopia emerges as an eccentric and imaginary cosmos that borders fantasy. In this place,  colorful creatures meet and dive into each other stumble upon a dreamlike universe where jewels, bubbles, and colorful scenery converge, breaking with the conventional.

Welcome to this playground that embraces, shelters, nourishes, and protects you. Welcome to Chromotopia, my pastel lair.

Shooting Credits- with models

PH: María Kazar 

Sylist: Laura Virto

Models: Raisa Álava & Ander López 

Ph Assist & Video: Iker Ruiz 

Make up & Hair: Dammedcomme Team

Clothes: Pura Madre

Shooting Credits- bodegones

PH & Art Direction: Federico Paladino

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