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2017- Unique Pieces

PH credits by Wang Qi & Marta Veludo


Grave goods, in archaeology and anthropology, are those items buried along with the body of a deceased person. They are usually personal possessions, supplies to smooth the deceased's journey into the afterlife or offerings to the gods. 

My version of "Grave Goods" are amulets, powerful artefacts, forever toys to play endlessly in that world Beyond.

They appear as yummy hand sized sculptures, unique pieces of contemporary jewellery which combines hand carved gemstones and lab-grown rubies and zirconias, wrapped in a doug of anodized aluminium. The shapes have a reminiscence of candies and lollipops, made to cross to the Underworld and bring some sweetness to all my beloved ones who have left.

As written by my Professor Theo Smeets: This family of objects have a certain inner quality, the reminder of who and what we are – or maybe: of what we could have been. Looking at these jewels, at some point one becomes aware that something inside of us has gone lost, unlearned, forgotten: the joy of playing, the game without material gain, the life we once lived as things were elementary. This blends in with sadness, grief and even a touch of despondency on being grown up.

Grave Good VI
Grave Goods - group picture
Grave Good VIII
Grave Good IV
Grave Good V
Grave Good III
Grave Good VII
Grave Good IV
Grave Goods
Grave Goods II
Grave Goods I
Grave Good V
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