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2022- Jewellery Capsule Collection & Fashion Editorial


From a jungle of sounds where beings, textures, and smells coexist, this editorial emerges to approach my world from another perspective. Between the classic and the urban styles from my beloved Buenos Aires, this "Cosmic Jungle" presents sharp-shaped jewels wrapped in galactic colors in orbit. In the night, constellations of porcelain tears soaked in lusters of gold, mother-of-pearl, and platinum carry us to sacred ceremonies. In the coexistence of these resources, a liminal space emerges that teleports us to another galaxy: The Cosmic Jungle. Combining classic melodies with a spice of contemporary, these treasures make a bash! Shall we cross through the first green leaves to explore together?


Jewelry by Eva Burton @eva_burton

Ph: María Kazar @mariakazarph
Muse: Lucila Micaela @lu_micaela
MUHA: Flor Nitto @flornittomakeup
Styling: Tamara @tamiotz 

Shoot at: Museo Larreta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Special thanks to: Museo Larreta Buenos Aires, Martina Magaldi, Belén Olezza, Bianca Tavarone, Ana Noseda.

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