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2016 / 2018 - Unique Pieces
PH credits by artist


Nature gave us to play with it tension, its mirth and its fun. The act of playing is older than culture and it has a biological function of discharge of energy or a need for relaxation. The Fun of playing resists all analysis, all logical interpretation, it presents to us like an intermezzo, an interlude of our routine, a step out from our ordinary life. 

While happens play, everything is movement, alternation, succession, association, change. I conceive play as a ritual which has a consecrated spot, the playground, that magic circle. Inside this playground an absolute and peculiar order reigns. Into an imperfect world and the confusion of life, it brings a temporary, limited perfection. 

As a maker, I am able to transform the materials into ideas. To shape these sculptures I have chosen to explore different materials to challenge myself across their varied behaviours.  

Through the process of pushing my craftsmanship abilities, I acheive pleasure: I play with the reality mixing experiences from my inner world with the outside world. In this blend is where it lays my inspiration.

Homo Ludens
Grave Goods
Homo Ludens - detail
Building Toys
Building Toys
Into The Woods
Building Toys
Owly Owl
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