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When you wear The Faceted Wing Pendant, it will lay on your plex attracting and irradiating all positive vibes around you. This amazing pendant, hanging from a 70 cm silver chain, has a tonal color splice of contrasting Metallic Blue and Neon Orange.

This design features our signature hand-carved pieces with handcrafted hinges in silver and a bold hook. 

The Faceted Wing Pendant

Colours: Metallic Blue with Neon Orange contrasting edges
  • Unique artwork pendant made from 3 pieces of hand-carved and painted wood with contrasting edges and the back covered with handcrafted Florentine paper. 70 cm long silver chain with handcrafted lock in sterling silver.

    Many jewelry pieces from Eva Burton include painted wood elements. Eva Burton carves and paints every piece by hand. The result, shapes with a strong character that is symbolic of the maker´s hand.

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